Eliminate Risk and Uncover Value For Your FBA Acquisition

We help protect your investment and maximize ROI by leveraging our experienced FBA team

"We've seen the smartest buyers make bad purchases all the time..."

Don't get burned by a bad ecommerce acquisition!

Feel confident in your investment! The team at FBA Due Diligence can help you:

  • Verify ALL Amazon FBA and other ecommerce sales
  • Verify expenses with accurate add-backs and profit calculations
  • Complete strip-down and review of supply chain
  • Holistic finance and operations review

We have 10+ years of combined experience running and selling FBA businesses. We specialize working with Amazon sellers.

Make a purchase knowing you’ve saved time and done thorough research before committing to buy.

Defend Yourself From Scammy Sellers

"Too many scammers." This is what we hear all the time from seasoned buyers from all over the world.

Falling victim to a potential fraud is devastating because the internet makes it easy for criminals to trick buyers to handing over money for a worthless business.

FBA Due Diligence work with buyers to independently verify and validate any sales numbers, marketing data, financial information and operational costs the seller is throws at us.

Our No B.S. Pricing for Serious FBA Ecommerce Buyers:


Cover your basis! If you want to have a quick look at a potential investment, this may be the option for you!


Your Investment Review Covers:

  • 1 Year: Financial Statements
  • 1 Year: Bank Statements
  • 1 Year: Tax Returns
  • Price/Deal Terms
  • Buyer Profile/Fit

In-Depth Analysis:

  • Listing Analysis
  • Cashflow Analysis


  • Financial Verification
  • Recommendation Write-Up
  • Red Flags Report
  • 48 Hour Turnaround Time

You get EVERYTHING in the Basics and Standard Plan Including the following:


Your Investment Review Covers:

  • 3 Year: Financial Statements
  • 3 Year: Bank Statements
  • 3 Year: Tax Returns
  • Assets/Inventory Lists
  • Merchant Statements

In-Depth Analysis:

  • Capital Requirements
  • Competition/Market Analysis
  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Financial Intelligence/Projections
  • Operations Verification


  • Financial Verification
  • Recommendation Write-Up
  • Red Flags Report
  • 48 Hour Turnaround Time
  • 60 Min. Consultation
  • Valuation Report
  • Negotiation Points

What some of our happy clients are saying:

"My top tip for anyone looking to purchase a business is to make sure you do your due diligence with FBA Due Diligence. They helped me hyper-analyze everything before making a decision to buy."

Ray M.

Ecommerce Buyer

"FBA Due Diligence helped me avoid a nightmare situation. Found a bargain business that looked great on paper but the niche was over-saturated. There were close to 2,000 companies in the market so purchasing the business meant competing with razor thin margins on product revenue. 

...My second business investment was a much better prospect and these guys helped me with all my due diligence needs for every potential purchase."

Dennis T.

Strategic Investor

"Spoke with Menno to help me get started. From there, they made the due diligence process so simple. FBA Due Diligence gave me a lot of confidence identifying risks and potential opportunities that helped me understand and make my first purchase that compliments my current ecommerce business..."

Phil S.

Founder and Ecommerce Buyer

10+ Years of a Proven Process

We assembled a team with over 10 years of FBA acquisition experience, specifically in the Amazon and ecommerce space. Our process is rock solid for anyone looking to purchase an online business.

Pricing and Services that Meet Your Need

From 5-figure FBA businesses, first time buyers, private equity and anywhere in between, our pricing and services scale to meet your every need to ensure confidence in your purchase.

Structured, Comprehensive Background Checks

Get a full risk picture detailing the operations, seller's character, supply chain, sales, marketing, and misc. overhead of your potential investment.

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FBA Due Diligence Services Include:

  • Recommendation Write-Up
  • Red Flags Report
  • 48 Hour Turnaround Time
  • Standard: Valuation Report
  • Standard: 30 Min. Consultation
  • Premium: 60 Min. Consultation
  • Premium: Negotiation Points